Not only do we love all things tacos in our household, but they are so easy to make which is why we have taco night at least once a week. They are also really versatile and a great option when you’re cooking for larger groups. Because of their versatility, you can really accommodate all different diets and lifestyles.

Instead of red meat, use a leaner meat like ground turkey, ground chicken, or fish

Make your own taco seasoning

Use the spices you already have in your spice cabinet and make homemade taco seasoning in bulk and store in a mason jar.  No more buying the little packets filled with unnecessary ingredients and way too much sodium. One packet of store bought seasoning equals 2 tbsp homemade seasoning.

Spicy Taco Seasoning

Substitute sour cream for 2% whole milk plain greek yogurt

You won’t be able to tell the difference!

Ditch the cheese!

Instead use nutritional yeast as a seasoning to give your taco a cheesy flavor or use it to make dairy free queso. Nutritional yeast is high in protein and boosts your immune system.

Dont waste your time making homemade salsa

There are plenty of perfectly healthy salsas you can buy at the store. Just read the ingredient label. There are quite a few brands that use only tomatos,vegetables, peppers, and spices. A lot of stores make a homemade salsa or pico de gallo in house as well. If you’re looking to save time, find a local, good quality salsa with minimal ingredients.

Homemade guacamole

Guacamole is super simple to make. All you need is avocados, tomatoes, lime juice, and cilantro, but all you really NEED is avocados.

Guacamole not only great with the tacos, but as an appetizer before the tacos are served, especially for large groups. But, if you want to save yourself time, just buy some avocados, cut them up, and call it a day.

Use whole grain tortillas or corn tortillas

When it comes to whole grain tortillas, my favorite brand is Food For Life’s ezekial sprouted whole grain tortilla’s.

You can even go grain free and find a brand of tortillas like Siete Foods that makes cassava flour and almond flour tortillas. They also make grain free, paleo approved tortilla chips in three different flavors.

or… skip the tortillas and go for a taco salad or burrito bowl instead

go meatless!

Try a meat alternative like tofu or tempeh. You can “brown” either of these in a skillet just as you would ground beef. Try these vegan lentil tacos.

You could even just fill your tacos up with beans, potatoes, lentils, and rice.

tofu tacos

Use dark leafy greens like spinach or kale

Iceberg lettuce has no nutritional value. Opt for dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, swiss chard, etc.