I wasnt planning on posting this recipe today until my fiance sent me a text letting me know that it was National Pancake Day. Can you tell we’re foodies? A day like today definitely calls for pancakes for dinner (since we missed breakfast obviously). And not just regular pancakes, pancakes that incorporate ingredients from my favorite cereal growing up, Cinnamon Toast Crunch! Candy in a bowl.. literally!

It blows my mind that is what kids are fed first thing in the morning, every morning. all that sugar! I cant talk because I’m not a parent, but if you asked me now, Id say I will NEVER have a box of fruity pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch in my pantry when I have kids. The good thing is that people are becoming more educated about reading ingredient lists and nutritional info and more aware of what they are putting in their body. Eating healthy has almost become more than a fad.. its become a movement. And although companies are using words like gluten-free, all natural, organic as part of their marketing efforts, they are being forced to use better ingredients if they want to sell their product to their more health conscious consumers. And there are so many healthier alternatives on the market now.

Anyways, adding ingredients like coconut sugar and cinnamon to the pancakes make it taste like one of our favorite childhood cereals, but the leftover milk was the best part. So I topped the pancake with homemade frosting that is made with a yogurt alternative to give it that dairy taste.

**If you want a more liquidy topping to give it the milk feel, add 1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup of almond or coconut milk to the coconut cashew frosting to change the consistency… and pour it over the pancakes.

Paleo Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes

To give the pancakes a bit of a crunch, I topped them with grain free granola. Crushed nuts would work too 🙂


Almond Flour Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes

Course Breakfast
Servings 12 mini pancakes


  • 1 batch almond flour paleo pancakes
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon (additional)
  • 1/2 tsp coconut sugar
  • Snickerdoodle nut butter spread i used buff bake brand, optional topping
  • 1 scoop coconut cashew frosting optional topping
  • grain free granola or nuts optional topping
  • maple syrup topping


  1. Make almond flour paleo pancakes according to instructions, adding in the additional cinnamon and coconut sugar.

  2. Spread snickerdoodle spread on each pancake

  3. Top with optional coconut cashew frosting, grain free granola or nuts,and maple syrup.