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Easy DIY Natural Food Coloring

It was SO fun experimenting and figuring out ways to use whole foods to create natural food dyes for things like homemade sprinkles and my coconut cashew frosting. This is the fun part of baking…. testing, experimenting, playing around, trial and error to see what works. I felt like a food scientist for a minute 🙂 OHHH and you know what else they’re great for…. decorating Easter eggs! It is that time of year. This is the first year I think we’ve ever had Easter in Ohio, since growing up we always went to Florida over Easter break. If it...

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How to Juice at Home Without Using a Juicer

I drink a green juice everyday. Along with the long list of health benefits you get from raw vegetables like increase in energy, digestive help, lowering cholesterol, enhancing weight loss, and having heart health benefits, juicing makes me feel good. Greens are packed with vital vitamins and nutrients making them a necessary part of your diet and most people don’t get in their daily recommended servings. Not only do these foods benefit the inside of your body, but they also help improve your skin complexion and make you a happier, stress free person. They literally effect every part of your...

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Austin, I Love You So Much

So I can’t consider myself an Austinite given I technically only lived in Austin for 6 months… and that’s okay because I’m a proud Ohioan. Although I’ve visited Austin half a dozen times, temporarily lived there, and still have a house there, I cannot claim “local” status, but I definitely have more insight and perspective than a tourist visiting the city for the first time. Austin’s slogan, “Keep Austin Weird,” is a saying used to promote and support local business and can be interpreted as Keep Austin Local. T-shirts printed and being worn by Austin natives with sayings like...

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11 Healthy Alternatives to Thicken Your Food

How to add more texture to your food and beverage without ruining your diet with this list of 11 healthy food thickeners  Arrowroot Starch/Flour/Powder Arrowroot is starch and a popular thickener because it is gluten free and to most, considered a paleo approved flour. It has a mild flavor that does not affect the taste of your recipe. When cooking with arrowroot, you will want to add it at the end of cooking because arrowroot will break down and become watery when cooked too long. For sauces and gravies, use arrowroot by creating a slurring of equal parts flour and...

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2-in-1 Recipe: Homemade Chicken Stock and Chicken Soup with Amaranth

Make Homemade Chicken Stock and Chicken Soup simultaneously with this 2-in-1 Recipe Homemade Chicken Stock and Chicken Soup with Amaranth There’s nothing more comforting than soup, especially in the winter time, which were going on month 5 of up here in Michigan. And even more so when you’re sick with the cold or the flu, which we’ve definitely experienced a lot of these last few months as well.  This recipe contains directions for both: Homemade Chicken Stock Chicken Vegetable Soup   Three things about this post/recipe that make it different from other Chicken Soup recipes: It uses a whole...

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