After I made these homemade confetti coconut sprinkles for the first time, I sent a picture of them in a family group text and my sister responded, “Who seriously makes homemade sprinkles?”Ā šŸ˜† ME, of course!!!!

Making confetti sprinkles has been one of the most fun kitchen creations I’ve done in awhile!

There’s two things you should know about me if you dont already:

1. I LOVEEĀ colors.. multi-color, rainbow colors, bright colors, neon color, obnoxious colors… you get it.

Quick story: in college one year, I lived with a few of my girlfriendsĀ in a rented house. Our landlord told us we could go ahead and paint our rooms as long as it was a neutral color. So I decided to paint one wall neon PINK, one wall neon ORANGE, one wall LIME GREEN, and another wall, bright PURPLE! At that same time I almost got a tattoo on my rib cage that said “Live in Color” in a multi color font of course (super glad I didnt go through with that)!

2. I’m addicted to Birthday Cake/Cake Batter flavor anything and everything.

Like my birthday cake overnight oats, birthday cake protein bars, birthday cake cookies, cake batter ice cream, birthday cake martinis, actual birthday cake! And you can buy almost anything in this flavor.Ā We are literally part of the birthday cake generation. and I am NOT complaining.

homemade confetti coconut sprinkles

A big part of birthday cake is the SPRINKLES.
Confetti, funfetti, rainbow sprinkles, unicorn food, whatever you want to call them. You literally cant have a birthday cake flavored food item without them. It would be likeĀ peanut butter jelly without the jelly! Okay, maybe thats an exaggeration, but I love the sprinkles.

OKAY, so how do I recreate a healthier version of this unicorn food. Something colorful, decorative, edible, and with a crunch? A simple recipe, not loaded with sugar and artificial coloring, that can be stored for later use??



homemade confetti coconut sprinkles

Homemade Confetti Coconut Sprinkles

Step 1: Coconut flakes

Not really anything to do in this step accept chop your coconut flakes into smaller pieces if that’s what you prefer! It’s what I do, just to look a little bit more like real sprinkles.

Step 2:Ā Add food coloring

Take 2 tspĀ homemade food coloring and mix it with 1/2 cup coconut flakes and combine until the coconut flakes are no longer showing any white parts.

homemade confetti coconut sprinkles

Step 3: Toast the Coconut

To dehydrate your coconut confetti sprinkles, you can dehydrate with a dehydrator or bake in an oven.

Spread evenly on a baking sheet. Toast the coconut on a low heat at 325 degrees. Only heat for about 5 minutes so the coconut completely dries.

Shredded coconut + homemade food coloring = COCONUT CONFETTI SPRINKLES

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homemade confetti coconut sprinkles
homemade confetti coconut sprinkles