10 Gifts Ideas for the Food Lovers on your Christmas List


Finding it hard to get your veggies in? Using a spiralizer, you can make your own version of a healthier pasta by using potatoes or zucchini to make noodles. It’s super easy to use and very inexpensive. Just Google or Pinterest spiralizer recipes and you’ll get pages of different delicious recipes you can use your spiralizer with.

Himalayan Salt Block

Cook your meats and vegetables directly on a salt block over your stove instead of using a frying pan. The block has 84 minerals that your food absorbs along with the salt while cooking. No need to season your food! The salt block takes awhile to heat up (an hour!) so you can use that time to make your side dishes orrr pour a couple glasses of wine like we do!

High Powered Blender
$329.95 (refurbished)

For a pricier gift, upgrade someone from their Magic Bullet or Ninja to a high powered, more versatile blender like a VitaMix or BlendTec. These blenders are a little more advanced, but still easy to use and can replace many other kitchen appliances. Use them to blend, chop, grind, puree, crush, and even cook. I have a VitaMix and use it almost everyday. Also, for all of the people who own or want a juicer, a blender is better for whole fruit juicing. If you don’t want the pulp, purchase a nut bag for a couple bucks! My favorite part, its SUPER easy to clean…. I hate cleaning!

Veggie Slicer


I guess the correct term is a Mandoline, but I like veggie slicer. This handheld slicer, turns your veggies into chips, that you can then pan fry or bake in oven. I prefer baking them to make them crispy. I’m not a huge fan of veggies, mostly because for the texture, so turning them into something I do like definitely helps!

Meat Claws


I shred chicken for so many of my recipes and have always just used forks, which gets super tiring when you’re shredding 4 lbs. of chicken. This gadget makes shredding chicken and pork a lot easier… and it’s a perfect stocking stuffer! There’s lots of different brands, ranging from $5-$20, but this one had good reviews and works great!

Copper Fry Pans


Non-stick frying pans. No need for oil or butter. No scrubbing or scraping. No need to elaborate….

Silicone Bowl Lids

No longer transfer leftovers into plastic tupperware just to dirty more dishes! Take any bowl, cup, pan that you’re already using and place a suction silicone lid on it. You can put them in the oven, in the microwave, on the stove, and in the refrigerator. I got this for my mom last year. She didn’t seem to excited about it until she actually used it… then wanted to buy more. Trust me, you will LOVE these!
Rice Cooker

Besides the obvious of cooking rice, using a rice cooker is my favorite way to steam veggies. You can even steam your veggies and meat on the top shelf while your rice cooks on the bottom. Instead of using a sauce pan on a stove, stirring every few minutes and reducing to a simmer, the rice cooker does the work for you, cooking your rice and then lowering heat to keep at a serving temperature for when you’re ready to eat! Turn it on a walk away. You can also use it for steal cut oats, quinoa, boiling eggs, soups and stews, beans, mac & cheese…the list goes on! Must have for anyone who does not have a stove in their home (college students).

Collapsible Strainer

If you’re like me, you need to save room in the kitchen wherever you can. These collapsible strainers do just that and work just the same as a regular strainer would. And they come in fun colors…

‘You Better Have Tacos’ Door Mat


Not a gadget or appliance, but what foodie wouldn’t want this?? Found it on Etsty and since I recently moved to Texas, the taco capital of the world (i made that up), have to have it!